Ishigaki Island and Hokkaido with a Peace of Mind

Deals for Everyone

・Exclusion dates:
 Ishigaki Kabira - Jul 2~5, Jul 23~25, Aug 1~22, Aug 28-30, Sep 5~13, Sep 17~27, Oct 19~23, Oct 25~27, Nov 1~4, Nov 7~8, Nov 21~22
 Hokkaido Tomamu - Jul 23-24, Aug 10-15, Sep 19-21 

Safe Together

for your peace of mind

Your safety is our priority. Whether you are traveling to our resorts to lay out on the beach or take in the local sights at your destination, we have implemented high impact cleaning procedures and safety and hygiene protocols to give you a peace of mind.

We are working alongside local authorities, certifying our processes, and training our team in accordance with global health guidelines so that you can focus on creating memorable experiences with you and your loved ones.

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