2020 Winter

Season OpenThe best timing for 2020 Winter Season booking is now! Max ¥10,000 off per 1 person 1 day stay.

Book early for 2020 Winter

¥10,000 Super Early Bird available until 6/30 (Sun)!

Experience your vacance wisely by booking your 2020 Winter season early.
Super Early Bird available until 6/30(Sun)!

 〇Super Early Bird - Book your stay before 6/30 (Sun) and you'll get discount per 1 person 1 day stay
  - 5 nights or more:Adult (18years old or above) ¥10,000 discount、Child(12~17years old)¥8,000 discount, Child(4~11years old)¥6,000 discount
  ‐ 2-4 nights:Adult (18years old or above)¥7,000 discount, Child(12~17 years old)¥5,600 discount, Child(4~11 years old)¥4,200 discount
 〇Early Bird 90/60/30 to be determined

Hokkaido Tomamu/Sahoro, Ishigaki Kabira

◆Stay Period
Hokkaido Tomamu:2019.12/6(Fri)- 2020.3/27(Fri)departure or stay starting date
Hokkaido Sahoro:2019.11/29(Fri)- 2020.4/11(Sat)departure or stay starting date
Ishigaki Kabira:2019.11/1(Fri)- 2020.4/30(Thu)departure or stay starting date

Hokkaido Sahoro

Exclusive snow quality and courses that fascinates Ski fans

Club Med Sahoro offers a unique setting to enjoy hassle-free skiing or trekking on powder snow without the crowds. Recharge your body and soul in the outdoor Canadian bath with magnificent views or plunge into Japanese culinary delights with seafood Nabe hot-pot tasting.
Reconnect with your loved ones and begin new traditions at Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido all-inclusive resort, a true immersion into authentic Japanese culture and heritage.

No. 1 spot in TripAdvisor's list of destinations on the rise for 2019

Hokkaido Sahoro was elected No. 1 spot in TripAdvisor's list of destinations on the rise for 2019. Discover the perfect powder snow for skiing or snow trekking. Relax amid natural mountain landscapes with activities like horseback riding, while culinary delights like Nabe is great for the whole family to share!

For important points
※Hokkaido Tomamu: Excluding duration between 2019.12/29(Sun)-2020.1/2(Thu),1/4(Sat)-10(Fri)
※Hokkaido Sahoro: Excluding duration between 2019.12/29(Sun)-2020.1/2日(Thu),1/4(Sat)-17(Fri)
※Ishigaki Kabira: Excluding duration between 2019.12/29(Sun)-2020.1/2(Thu)and 5/3(Sun)

※ Early Bird 90/60/30 is applicable for 2 or more stays within Japan
※ Last staying date for each resorts will be as follows Tomamu:2020.3/28(Sat), Sahoro:2020.4/12(Sun), Kabira:2020/5/3(Sun)

For other terms&condition (Japanese) visit here

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