"Go To Travel" campaign

Go To Travel is a special offer supported by the Japanese government. For travel until 31/01/21, all bookings can receive an additional 35% discount (max discount: 14,000 yen per person, per night).

Also for all stays from October until 31/01/21, you will also receive maximum 15% (max 6,000¥ per person per night)of the holiday value in discount coupons to spend whilst on vacation, in participating outlets (including most purchases within Club Med resort).

Campaign detail

■Booking period: 05/08/2020
■Staying period :22/07/2020~31/01/2021(*Until 01/02 check-out)

・Any bookings outside of the period above will be excluded from this campaign.
・For Tokyo residents, the offer will be available from 01/10/2020.

●Discount amount
35% of your total booking amount(*Maximum amount: 14,000 yen per person per night)

●Available plan
Resort stay, or Package for Kabira Ishigaki and Hokkaido Tomamu.

●Discount coupons
For stays from 01/10/2020, your will receive max 15% (max 6,000¥ per person per night) of your holiday value in discount coupons to use in participating stores in the local area during your vacation.
*Please check Official Site(Japanese) for more information about how to issue or use the digital e-coupon.

・The offer will automatically end once the subsidy budget allocated to Club Med has been exceeded.
・The end date of the Special Offer is subject to change, and may be paused should the COVID-19 situation evolve.
・Combined use with other available promotional prices such as early bird discount and late summer sale are applicable according to their respective terms and conditions.
・The offer cannot be combined with Discounts using promo codes (ex. corporate discount).
・If you make any changes to your reservation, the offer will only be applied if it is still in place on the date that your new booking is made.
・For Cancellation or No-Show in resort, the offer will be removed from the booking and cancellation charges will be calculated using the normal stay value.

How to Book

To obtain the GO TO Travel offer, please follow the booking process below.

1.Make a reservation without paying full amount

Please select "Pay deposit" option at Payment step when making a booking.
Go To discount has not been applied yet at this moment. If you wish to check the discount amount before completing the reservation, please refer to the calculation method below.

(*For booking within 21 days before departure, “Pay deposit” option is not available online. Please contact Vacance Dial directly for booking request.)

2. Apply for Go To Travel Discount

Please fill in "Go To Discount Application Form" with your booking information . We will confirm the details and apply the Go To discount within 2 business days. You will receive booking confirmation mail (sales contract mail) again once discount is applied.

3. Confirm discount amount and pay the balance

Please confirm the booking voucher attached to the second booking confirmation mail you received. You can check the Go To discount amount in payment details, then pay the balance by the due date.


Safe Together

Your Safety, Our Priority

Your safety is our priority. Whether you are travelling to our resorts to lay out on the beach or take in the local sights at your, we have implemented high impact cleaning procedures and safety and hygiene protocols to give you a peace of mind.

We are working alongside local authorities, certifying our processes, and training our team in accordance with global health guidelines so that you can focus on creating memorable experiences with you and your loved ones.

For more information

About discount coupons

Maximum 15% (6,000yen maximum per person) of your entire booking amount which will be useful as coupons for your shopping, eat/drinks, activities in the local communities, will be issued from 1st October. You can also use them as any purchases within Club Med resort venue.

For "Go To Travel" bookings made from 01/10/2020 check-in to 01/02/2021 check-out.

check-in date 15:00 ~ Check-out date 23:59

■How to receive/use:
For issuing/ receiving e-coupons please refer here (Japanese)

<Necessary information for issuing e-coupons>
・Travel Agent ID: 2079
・Booking number:Reference number (9 digit number that starts with "3") mentioned in the booking confirmation (voucher).

<Other information>
How to receive e-coupon (Japanese)

※The offer will automatically end once the subsidy budget allocated to Club Med has been exceeded.
※Types of Discount coupons will be three types (1,000yen, 2,000yen, 5,000yen). Please note any change will not be coming back by using these coupons.
※Discount coupons will be subject to return and will not be usable when you decide to cancel the booking
※Usable discount will only be e-coupons within the Club Med resort venue (paper coupons will not be usable in the venue)

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