Kabira Ishigaki

In the far south of the Japanese archipelago, east of Taiwan, Ishigaki Island welcomes you with its heavenly beaches and turquoise sea.
The Kabira Ishigaki Resort blends tradition and modernity with the elegance for which Japan is famous.
With its comfortable, bright, contemporary rooms and refined architecture, Club Med promises an all-inclusive stay in Japan in a truly sublime setting.

1st Place on TripAdvisor's "Family" section

Best resort for Family

ClubMed Ishigaki Kabira has acquired 1st Place on TripAdvisor's "Traveler's Choice Award 2018" Family section, and aquired 2nd Place on TripAdvisor's "Traveler's Choice Award 2019" Family section in Japan
"Traveler's Choice Award" aggregates the reviews and the scores of past 1 year to select the award. Club Med offers various kids program that allows not only adults but children can also enjoy their vacance.

Must try experiences

Exceptional experience with Ishigaki's excursion tours

With Kabira's clear sea and the beauty of vast Yaemaya islands, their original culture has attracted and heals the people's heart.
Enjoy the exceptional excursion turs such as scuba divings, Kabira gulf glass boat and tour to Yaeyama islands.

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